Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to the land of Sand and Sun

We just got back a few days ago from a month stateside. It was a very difficult thing to come back. Although, I was tired of living out of a suitcase, we had a wonderful time visiting most of our family and we also had a real vacation.

The return flight was interesting. Philip was sick with a fever. The rash that came out after the fever broke has us pretty certain that he had Roseola. But the fever actually made the flight go smoother. Philip just slept or happily looked at books. He wasn't his usual super active self. That said he is a remarkably good traveler, but it was nice to be able to read my Kindle for a while instead of his train book over and over and over again.

There was an interesting family on our flight with us that just seemed to sum up Kuwait. The mother, father, and son had first class seats; the six daughters sat in front of us and in the middle row next to us. One of the daugters was about 2 years old. When she woke up she began to scream. She wanted milk or possibly her mother. One sister chatted with another sister while the child screamed very loudly. Another sister held the baby, but didn't make any soothing noises or attempt to calm her in any visible way. Finally one of the younger daughters made her a bottle of formula. At no time did any of the girls go and get the mother. Later when the mother did actually come back and check on the daughters she in no way interacted with baby. It left me feeling so sad for these children. At the time I was mostly annoyed, as the daughter, although not outwardly rude, had the entitlement attitude that frustrates me so much. They all changed their clothes a few hourse before landing. Because Philip had a seat, but was on my lap, they stuck their suitcase in one of our seats. They didn't ask. They then just left it there for like an hour, while they jabbered with each other. When the plane landed, but was still taxing to the runway, of course, they were all up and moving about the plane chatting with each other.

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