Thursday, February 25, 2010

Churches & Mosques in Amman, Jordan

Life has gotten a little hectic here in Kuwait and I'm only now updating more from our trip to Jordan.
One of the things I loved about Jordan was how easily Christians and Muslims lived cheek by jowl. This church is across the street from...

the mosque where the king goes to prayer.

I'm always amazed at the beauty present within the geometric patterns that Muslims use to decorate their home and worship spaces. If you were to look at any of my notes from school you would see a plethora of star shaped patterns similiar to this ceiling.

This clock lists the call to prayer times each day. Something I didn't know before visiting a mosques is that Muslims do not have to pray at the moment of the call to prayer; instead, they are required to prayer once between each call to prayer.

Where the Imam leads the call to prayer during services. He stands in the small alcove and his voice projects up and over his head. Sadly they also use modern amplification techniques as well.

The interior dome of the mosque.

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