Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're all going to the zoo

A few weeks ago, we took Philip to the Kuwait Zoo. It was definately a mixed bag. There was some lovely green space. Unfortunately, the cages are smaller than you'd see in the States, but for Philip this was an advantage. It's much easier to see the animals when they are so close.
Also, quite sad was how the Kuwaiti visitors treated the animals.

Although there were signs all over discoraging feeding the animals, the animals were clearly fed often by the visitors.

We saw people feeding them at most every cage at which we stopped. Aaron overhead one elderly women telling the young girls she was with that it is forbidden, but they just giggled on kept on feeding them. This father had brought an extended fork to be able to feed carrots through the cage. At least his food was healthy. Most people were just tossing in cheese puffs which the hyenas and monkeys were clamoring for.

An elephant trying to snag a peanut someone with poor aim threw.

We thought the elephant almost might be able to get out of its enclosure. Philip loved watching the elephants and even learned the sign and mimicked the elephant sound while we were at the zoo. He also really got into monkeys after the monkey cage and mimicked their cries as well.

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