Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas in the Middle East

I've been asked if the Kuwaitiis do Christmas. They may or may not celebrate the holy day, Christ is a prophet for them, but the certainly do Christmas. Starbucks is getting it's RED on, Hallmark is full of cards, wrapping paper and ornaments, and the big stores will sell you a Christmas tree or two.
I took this picture at the Bahrain airport in early November. It was only one small bit of the Winter Bonanza that was really a lot of Christmas Madness. Without Thanksgiving to celebrate, they were not afrait to get their Holiday decorations up and start the Christmas shopping early. I couldn't believe how decked out the airport was, given it resided in an Islamic nation.

Last week, I volunteered at the Embassy Children's Christmas Party. I hosted the gift buying table while Aaron took Philip around to hear stories and meet Santa Claus.

We concluded by going caroling at the Ambassador's House. After the children sang several songs, she invited everyone in for a big photo op with the kids.

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