Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Weekend with Bubby!

On Dec. 18th our church had it's Christmas Nativity. It was a bit different this year with a family photo theme. Nice because the kids didn't have many lines. They were all very cute and of course some had very authentic Shepherds costumes.

After the Nativity they passed out Christingles for the kids and some adults. I had not heard of the Christingle before. It is a little strange, I think, but presents a good message. The kids just liked the marshmallows and raisins. One of the members explained the symbolism of the Christingle and then they lit the candles. To learn more about the Christingle, go to

Grandma and Grandpa Rick sent Philip several cute Christmas outfits including this santa costume. On the 23rd we took Philip to the Embasy Playground where he showed us that he can now go down the slide all by himself.
We had a lovely, but quiet Christmas weekend with Philip Akram. A Christmas tree and decorations didn't make the cut weight limitwise when we moved overseas, so I made us a Construction Paper Christms Tree with Chrismons. I'm pretty proud of it so I think I will do it again next year. Philip may even be ready to cut out the circles by then.We had a very simple Christmas this year. Not many presents under the tree. We get our mail at the embassy and it closed down on the 23rd for the holidays. I think some gifts didn't make it in time and many family members sent us e-certificates instead of presents to unwrap.

Philip's gift was a bead maze. I'd been looking for them on-line and then we found a reasonable priced one at the Toys R Us here in Kuwait. It is a very rare thing to find something that doesn't cost 125% of what it would in the States, so we decided to get it when we saw it. Of course we let Philip begin playing with it right away.

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